If you are looking for a MTB disconnection, the river Soča Valley and the Nadiže River are the right destination. The Mountain Mountains, hills, valleys, natural, kučturi and historical sights, and the people who live here, we are all you need for an unforgettable experience.

The village of Kred lies beneath the cathedral and the Matajur, between which is the warmest Alpine River Nadiža. The old village Sayer says that the Nadiža is drifting all the effort, tested too much fatigue from the full-day cycling;-)

Nearby is the Robidišče Trail Center, which offers landscaped routes for MTB downhill, and the support of the van is also possible upon previous announcement. In this center there is also a learning park where you can train jumps and balance. There's a real party here, too, kids.

Robidišče Trail Center

Right here, the river Nadiža Slovenians connects with the Italians. Italy is only 4 km west. We also have many beautiful mountain biking trails across the border.

MTB tours are tailored to your desires and abilities. 

On your arrival, we meet, discuss and make a plan that will fulfill your expectations in the highest extent. 

Accommodation is in the apartment Ten Sen in Kredu.

This apartment is located in the center of the small border village of Kred, just 6 km from Kobarid, 4 km from the border with Italy and 10 km from the Robidišče trail Crntra. The Nadiža River is just a 10-minute walk away.

A bicycle compartment is available free of charge. After a preliminary announcement we can organize bike and e-bikes.