Apartment Ten Sen is located in a small peaceful village Kred, only 6 km from Kobarid and 5 km from the Italian border.

The village lies under the mountain Stol, which is a famous place for MTB lovers and in the immediate vicinity of the Nadiža river. 

The river Nadiža has several springs below the mountain Stol. It flows over the hot rocks, and when it comes to Kred is already pleasantly warm.

Its banks offer excellent relaxation, and numerous pools provide pleasant cooling. The folk believe is that Nadiža river has healing powers.

Nearby (20 min walk) is a climbing area with more than 50 climbing routes, which are divided into 4 sectors. After climbing, you can cool off in the nearby Nadiža River. The difficulty of the routes is between 5a – 8a. See more here.